Our services in this area include the following:

  • Representing a diverse range of clients in unfair dismissal proceedings, adverse action, bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment claims across all courts and tribunals;

  • Advising on employment agreements including restraint of trade, confidentiality and intellectual property, remuneration and general entitlements;

  • Enterprise agreement negotiations;

  • Drafting employment agreements for all levels of employees and management;

  • Advising on redundancies and exit packages following termination of employment;

  • Advising on sham contracting arrangements and the appropriate classification of workers as employees, contractors, volunteers or interns and relevant entitlements;

  • Defending prosecutions by Work Health and Safety, the Australian Taxation Office or the Fair Work Ombudsman;

  • Advice on managing ill and injured employees and conducting workplace investigations;

  • Strategic advice on good faith bargaining, unions in the workplace and right of entry and addressing issues pertaining to the underpayment of wages;

  • Representation in criminal proceedings which can have adverse impacts on employment or the workplace;

  • Representation in disciplinary proceedings.